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Sample IT Technical Resume

Resume Sample


A "hands-on" DBA, Webmaster and MIS Manager with a proven track record of progressive management experience, team leadership and technical skills. Strong business and technical vision with effective people skills to allow close work with senior management. Ability to manage multiple complex projects for internal and external customers. Innovative and creative problem solver who is results oriented, has an aptitude for learning and can maximize resources while possessing a sense of urgency.

Will work "hands-on" when required but understands the value and importance of delegating work and responsibilities. A team builder who motivates staff to excellence using a proactive management style. Dedicated to translating changing business objectives into leading-edge technical solutions that are practical and efficient but also meet or exceed business needs.


03/98 - Present, DBA SQL Server, XYZ Corp, City, IL

DBA for SQL Server serving 4 remote locations and 50 Microsoft SQL Servers and Sybase servers. Responsibilities include daily maintenance review, SQL optimization, disaster recovery planning and testing and custom software database installation support. Working as a team member with other DBA's to ensure 24 hour x 7 day a week support of all corporate databases.

06/95 - 02/98, CLIENT SERVER MANAGER, XYZ Corp, City, IL

"Hands-on" manager of a Web and Client Server development staff serving 300 external and internal clients. Several ongoing Web and client server development projects utilizing Visual Basic 5, Haht 3.0, Active X, ADO, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, Access 2, Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows NT 4. Object Oriented Life Cycle used to complete web projects with a consulting firm.

Recent projects include: Web electronic commerce applications for customer ordering, inquiry, maintenance, and reporting; Extranet Customer Support and Activity Tracking Systems; build and maintain the Web FTP site, Y2K analysis and planning, relational database modeling using Erwin, Visa and fleet fuel card downloads of cash settlements; and development of an vehicle warranty tracking system.

Other responsibilities include: DBA for all SQL Server development, manage and maintain external customer PC based products; manage consultants and programmers on various client server & web based systems, maintain data interfaces with AS400. Participate in upper management committees on new development, research, corporate strategy and budget planning. Also recruited permanent employees for one year.

07/90 - 06/95, PROJECT LEADER, XYZ Corp, City, IL

Design through implementation of a comprehensive physician referral system called LIFEMATCH. It was the most widely used PC based system in the Health Care industry. This system contributed over 12 million dollars per year in sales. Managed 500+ client requests for software enhancements and modifications. Established project schedules and completed 20 new software releases, all with zero downtime to clients.

Managed internally requested enhancements to a 200+ PC workstation call center system in 3 cities. In 5 years, I personally designed, programmed and implemented 2000+ enhancements and changes to meet internal and external customer needs. Re-engineered a call center legacy system written in COBOL to a client server system using Visual Basic. The new system saved 25% of operator training time, reduced operator wrap-up time by 45% and sped up on call time by 35%. Converted a time card system from COBOL to Visual Basic. Worked with out-of-state staff to convert COBOL systems to Visual Basic. Design through implementation of replication scheme for COBOL legacy system running over a WAN using IPX/SPX. When completed this project reduced system wait time by 50% and increased operator productivity by 40%. Used Cobol for 5 years and Visual Basic for 1 year.


Acting R&D Director during corporate buyout of the Baxter Management Services Division to Access Health. Design through implementation of an internal help desk. Established and approved corporate PC programming and hardware standards. Managed and supervised a staff of 12 consultants and programmers on PC projects including physician credential system and home therapy billing system using Method One methodology.

Independent consultant on several projects including: management consultant on team that produced innovative hospital marketing product ideas and direction; hospital membership tracking system, Chicago Black Hawks season ticket reservation system and real estate billing system. Also recruited contract programmers for 7 years.

12/79-10/83, TECHNICAL SPECIALIST, XYZ Corp, City, IL

Design through completion of an Insurance Office Debit system using a CP/M based PC that was later converted to an IBM PC with DOS. Conducted extensive microcomputer hardware and software study, which led to the creation of a corporate Information Center. Enhanced and maintained Cybertek AUTO-ISSUE, a CICS insurance system. Used Cobol and CICS for 4 years.

06/76-12/79, SR. PROGRAMMER, XYZ Corp, City, IL

Implemented EDS Payroll and Personnel system using Cobol under IMS DB/DC. After one year, redesigned and installed a new on-line and batch system resulting in a 35% CPU savings. Used Cobol and IMS DB/DC for 3 � years.

01/74-06/76, STAFF PROGRAMMER, XYZ Corp, City, IL

Started as Programmer trainee and then maintained CICS mail order catalog data entry system using BAL and Cobol for 2 � years.


Certificate in C Programming, HARPER COLLEGE, Palatine, IL 1995
BS Information Sciences with Honors, NORTHEASTERN IL. UNIV., Chicago, IL 1980
Advanced Certificate in Data Processing, MAYFAIR COLLEGE, Chicago, IL 1974
Certificate in C Programming, HARPER COLLEGE, Palatine, IL 1995
Specialty Category Last Used 1 (low) to 10 Years Used
Access 2.0, 97 Database 1998 6 3
Analyst Position 1998 6 3
Anderson Method 1 Methodology 1990 7 7
Assembler / BAL Lang 1976 7 4
C Lang 1995 2 2
CICS Database 1979 5 2
Client Server Methodology 1998 9 3
COBOL Lang 1995 10 18
Consultant Position 1990 10 17
CSC Catalyst Methodology 1995 5 1
DBA-SQL SERVER Position 1998 8 3
Erwin Modeling 1998 7 2
Front Page Web 1998 7 6 mos.
Haht Web development Web 1998 5 2
Health Care Industry 1995 8 12
HTML Web 1998 7 2
IBM 3090, 370, 360 mainframes Hardware 1983 8 9
IMS DB/DC Database 1983 5 1
Insurance Industry 1983 8 7
Lante Coda OO Analysis 1998 5 2
Lante Coda OO Design 1998 5 2
Lante Coda OO Programming 1998 5 2
Manager Position 1998 8 3
Microsoft Office Other 1998 7 5
Microsoft Project Project Control 1998 7 5
MS DOS OS 1996 10 14
MS Windows 3.1b> OS 1997 7 4
MS Windows NT 4.0, 95 OS 1998 6 2
Novell OS 1998 8 15
PC compatibles Hardware 1998 8 15
Programmer Position 1998 10 16
Project Leader Position 1995 10 6
Recruiting – Permanent Recruiting 1998 9 1
Recruiting - Contract Recruiting 1990 9 7
SourceSafe Version Control 1998 8 4
SQL Server 6.5, 6.0 and 4.2 Database 1998 9 3
TCP/IP OS 1998 6 2
Transportation Industry 1998 9 3
Versions Version Control 1996 6 2
Visio Design 1998 7 3
Visual Basic 3.0 & 4.0 & 5.0 Lang. 1998 8 4
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