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Business location(s) :
India / Afghanistan
Job title :
Banking | Risk / Loan / Credit / Collections /
Qualification :
Post Graduate /
Experience :
10 - years
 Risk ,Credit Policy ,Risk management

100 K USD + Per Year

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We are a leading global recruitment agency from India . Current we are looking for a Risk Head for a leading bank in Afghanistan .
Overall Job Purpose:
Due to rapid expansions of its business and operations the banking is looking for a Risk Manager.
The position allows the successful candidate to be part of the senior management team of the bank and play a major role in its continued development.
The successful candidate will be expected to build a risk monitoring systems complying with Basel II requirements thus additional experience in market and operational risk management will be a distinct advantage.
- Manage the Risk Management department in delivering high quality and professional service to the bank and the clients in the field of risk management.
- Set objectives for measuring, monitoring, evaluating and optimizing the risk exposure of the bank and ensure that they are reported in a timely manner to regulatory entities and the management of the Bank.
o Develop and keep current credit policies and procedures and monitor compliance
o Develop and keep current market risk policies and procedures and monitor compliance
o Ensure proper frameworks in place to manage operational risk and monitor compliance
- Ensure that the Bank’s risks are properly addressed in terms of compliance with current and future rules and regulations established by local, foreign and supranational regulators as well as bank’s own rules and regulations.
- Be the executive of banks responsible for contacts with high level external authorities locally and for ensuring correct reporting the board risk committee
o Recommend and maintain proper approval processes for all transaction types to ensure proper risk control; determine the capital requirements and provisions for each of the Bank’s products and activities to ensure sufficient provision on the book at all time.
- Ensure that classified loans are reported and properly administered and that effective strategies to restructure and reduce the Bank’s impaired assets are implemented.

• Master degree
• Minimum 10 years experience directly related to risk management in a commercial bank where at least 5 years in senior risk management capacity.
• Fully functional in monitoring of documentation, portfolios & exposure limits of the bank.
• Excellent analytical, creativity and problem solving skills.
• Posses good presentation and organizational skills.
Salary : 90K to 100K USD +Per Year
Leave 28 days
5 trips home per annum economy class
Unaccompanied accommodation is modern guest house
Transport to and from bank

if you are interested please send your updated profile to
Kind regards

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